3,2,1 go!


So. I had this endless curoisity about Haunted and Love Story. Both are two extremes - an emotional sadness and a deeply widly passionately obviously teenage love. They’re wild. However! It’s been pointed out time and time again how Romeo & Juliet ends. Tragedy. Juliet fakes her death to escape her family, Romeo didn’t recieve the message that was fake, and so, he murders Paris and commits suicide. Griefstriken, Juliet kills herself. BUT. Here’s the thing. Taylor has pointed out an alternate ending: in her grief, she realizes that she doesn’t need Romeo or Paris. The original ending to Romeo & Juliet is, of course, dated. So I present to you: Love Story meets Haunted, a fitting tribute to Shakespeare’s original play. Love Story cuts out around “I keep waiting for you but you never come” to turn into Haunted. Enjoy!